19 April 2010

I didn't read much as a child.  I don't really remember my parents saying "why don't you read" when I was looking for something to do.  Mom and Dad both read, but not voraciously.  My father read the newspaper daily.  And both my parents read their Bibles, dare I say religiously.  By that I mean a lot and not just enough to get by.  Whatever reading was required in school was just about all that I did.  Many classics that were required reading in high school, I didn't read.  Not because I didn't do my assignments, but because I wasn't assigned many of them.  Even in my AP English class.  The few classics I did read I don't remember.

A few years back I decided I wanted to make more time in my day for reading.  Ironically, but not surprisingly, I couldn't decide with which book to start.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, reading Dan Miller led me back to The Artist's Way.  So,  while working on that book (it's one of those read and do the assignment deals) I found a link to Dan Miller's reading list.  I thought that since he brought me back to The Artist's Way and I was at work on it, I might like other titles on his list.  Decisions make even the simplest task complicated.  Or in my case indecision makes a simple task difficult.

Since my reading journey began I have read some motivational, fiction, inspirational, fashion, health, lifestyle, sales, financial, art, antiques and even some childrens books.  I have probably completed only half of Dan Miller's reading list.  The really great thing is I've actually developed my own reading list.  I'm quite happy with it and look forward to my time with the book which ever one it is at the moment.  In addition, my reading list is growing and new titles are added often.

Here's the thing.  Reading is like writing is like most everything else in life.  Just get started.  Just do it (to borrow an old slogan).  It's not really so important where you start, but that you start.  Like me and many others who enjoy reading you'll find your favs.  You'll find what motivates and inspires you, what soothes and calms you, what challenges and intrigues you.  And you'll be on your way to filling your time and mind with much better stuff than television and googling. So, grab a book and get started.


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